Sid Raman

I first met Jeff during the summer before my freshman year in high school. I didn’t know much about the golf swing at the time, but immediately, Jeff taught me the key areas of path and impact. Utilizing innovative drills and unique methods of practice, he makes it easier to master these essential parts of the golf swing. Over the last four years, Jeff has given me a system that I can always fall back on and use to continually grow as a golfer. Through his lessons, I can now practice more efficiently and perform better during tournament situations.

Most importantly, Jeff has shaped the mental side of my golf game, an area that I had always struggled with. As a player himself, Jeff truly understands the difficulty of such a game, and works to make sure that I have fun while playing. After hours spent talking with him, I have come to enjoy the process of getting better rather than staying attached to an outcome. Jeff has been a great golf coach throughout my high school years, but ultimately, he has been a great friend.

Sid Raman high school golfer March 21, 2017