Jeff Coston Golf Academy
What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

Ethan started his golf lessons with Jeff on September 25th, 2021, marking the very month he celebrated his 12th birthday. Throughout the last two years, our routine involved bi-weekly or tri-weekly commutes between our residence in Sammamish, WA, and Jeff’s Golf Academy in Blaine, WA. Witnessing Ethan's evolution from a youngster to a teenager, I, as the father of a junior golfer, reflect on the remarkable transformation in Ethan's golf proficiency under Jeff's guidance. Looking back, every mile traveled and every minute spent with Jeff has proven to be invaluable.

A former elite PGA tour player and highly regarded golf coach renowned for his expertise in the sport, Jeff brings a unique blend of experience and insight to the game, backed by a wealth of lifelong experience and a proven track record. He is a maestro in refining golf swing mechanics, enhancing mental fortitude, and perfecting strategic course management. Jeff's meticulous approach and keen eye for detail have transformed swings into precise and powerful works of art. In addition to regular lessons with Jeff, Ethan had the opportunity to participate in the Coston/Mike Bender Golf School twice in the last two years. With a wealth of knowledge, both coaches dissect the intricacies of Ethan’s golf swing, providing guidance that transcends conventional coaching. Under their guidance, Ethan's swing has evolved into a seamless fusion of grace and effectiveness, showcasing the true mastery of two elite golf coaches.

Jeff is far more than a swing coach. His expertise extends to fostering an environment of enthusiasm and mental skill development that is truly unparalleled. His patient and encouraging approach not only cultivates a love for the game but also instills valuable life lessons. It is inspiring to see how he blended technical instruction with a genuine passion for helping Ethan reach his full potential. Jeff has become a positive influence and made the world of golf so enjoyable for Ethan. His ability to seamlessly intertwine elite-level expertise with a deep understanding of the mental aspects of golf is truly remarkable. Under Jeff's guidance, Ethan has not only elevated his golf skills but has also embraced a competitive mentality. Learning from someone like Jeff, who excels in his own game and imparts invaluable mental strategies, has become indispensable for Ethan. The transformation under his guidance reflects not just improvement as a golfer but a well-rounded mastery of the game.

I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude for Jeff's exceptional guidance and unwavering support for Ethan. Jeff's expertise, patience, and commitment have elevated Ethan's skills as a golfer. Thank you, Jeff, for instilling in him a deep passion for the game and for being a constant source of inspiration. Your dedication to excellence has left a lasting impact, and I am genuinely thankful for the positive influence you've had on Ethan's golf journey.

Mr. Yang

My son recently turned professional. Over the last year, we've had the great fortune of meeting and spending time with Jeff Coston. Let's just say when the student is ready, the mentor will arrive. This has certainly proven true in our case.

Jeff is just one of those people who exudes positivity and faith, resulting in your personal definition of what's possible being stretched to new levels. He's a great example of the power of hard work, positive self talk and persistence. His personal playing accomplishments are inspiring to say the least. For all that Jeff has accomplished, he is humble and sincere and has a special way of giving you his full attention and care.

As a teacher Jeff can hold court with anyone on swing mechanics and just as impressively get to the essence of what matters most with swing technique generally and for you specifically.

If you are so inclined, regardless of your level of play or personal golf ambitions, consider reaching out to Jeff Coston. You will come away a better golfer, and more importantly, a better person.

Jason Wallace

A little over a year ago, my wife and I decided to find a new coach for our son Adam. Adam has been golfing since he was 6 years old and at age thirteen, he was frustrated about his golf game and was almost ready to quit.  He still loved the game but he felt he should have been much better than he was. His tournament play was not as good as it should have been compared to other 13 and 14 year old players. A friend gave me Jeff Coston’s contact information. After a quick email, we had set up his first lesson.

Now a year later, Adam’s desire to succeed in golf has once again returned. Thanks to Jeff’s understanding and approach to golf, Adam has learned how important a good attitude is, and as Jeff put it, not to be attached to outcome (NATO). Jeff’s knowledge of the golf swing and his own love of the game, have helped Adam stay calm on the course and visualize each and every shot. Jeff has rebuilt Adam’s swing into a much simpler action and he has shown Adam a very effective practice routine which helps him focus on key elements.

Along with his lessons we also enrolled Adam into Jeff’s Golf Academy in late July. This was a two-day golf clinic with Jeff and Mike Bender. Between classroom instruction and rotating one on one time on the range with both Mike and Jeff multiple times a day, Adam really improved in his understanding of the mechanics of golf. Today, Adam is determined to break par and is getting closer by the day. 

Our club just released the document pkg for the upcoming AGM. They listed the most improved men’s and women’s golfers. Adam was the men’s, improving his handicap from 22.1 to 12.1 this year. Adam says thank you for the great coaching!

Bill Weberg

Jeff has been giving lessons to my son, who has improved tremendously over the course of past year. Over this time he is happy to help me also with my golf game. Last time he game me a 15 minute lesson and it completely changed my golf game. I have had lots of lessons and I can say this was the best lesson I ever had!

Vikas M.

For the past 4 years our two daughters have been instructed by Jeff Coston at Semi-ah-moo in Blaine, Washington. We have watched them grow and develop as both players and individuals under Jeff’s tutelage. He is able to relate to them as both a player and a teacher and has been able to help our daughters reach their potential in both the mental and physical aspects of the game. It is a “commute” from Seattle, but it has been worth every minute watching our kids grow both personally and competitively in their aspirations. We would higher recommend the Jeff Coston Golf Academy for anyone who is interested in allowing their children to explore their true golfing potential. They will learn valuable life lessons that will serve them well beyond their competitive golfing careers!

Bill and Mary Margaret Pless

We have two daughters that take lessons from Jeff. Our oldest daughter plays college golf and has been working with Jeff for five years. Our youngest daughter just started high school and has been taking lessons for a little over a year. We have found that Jeff not only gives golf lessons but valuable life lessons as well. We believe that Jeff can take your child as far as their talent and ambition allows them.

Antoinette & Emmett Branigan

Jeff Coston has been the best golf teacher for my son … hands down! Some people who are great golfers are not great teachers, but Jeff is both! Jeff is really able to hone in on what is needed and makes each lesson so personalized and potent.

Not only does he understand the mental game of golf … he is able to articulate it in a user friendly understandable way for my 16 year old to understand and apply it. That is HUGE! Jeff is a gifted teacher who really cares about his students. I’m thrilled we get to work with him.

Taffy Frost

When our son expressed an interest in taking his golf game to the next level, it prompted me to seek the advice of a Head Golf Professional that I trust and respect a great deal. When posed with the question of which teaching professional he would hire to instruct his own child, he responded without hesitation, “Jeff Coston.” Needless to say, we have been making the four hour trek up north to Blaine, Washington for the past two years.

It has been amazing to witness Jeff’s influence and transformation of our son’s golf swing and the overall progression and growth of where his game is today. It certainly has not come without set-backs and an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. However, the overall results and rewards to date have simply been eye opening.

From our parental perspective, the most valuable aspect of Jeff’s teaching style is his ability to connect with his students and communicate the mental skills necessary to succeed not only in the game of golf but in life as well. It’s refreshing to see our son navigate his way around the course, in a professional manner, with the mental capacity to handle the humbling adversity this game can dish out. For the most part, he now competes with a smile on his face and genuinely enjoys the competition and overall experience.

Jeff has proven to be highly regarded and respected among his peers and clients. We can’t say enough about the positive impact he’s had on our entire family and we are sincerely blessed, grateful, and appreciative to have Jeff in our lives!

Dave & Julie Nickerson

Jeff has worked with my son for 5 years now,and has taken him from a raw but promising freshman in high school to a freshman in college with a scholarship to play the game he loves. What I like about Jeff’s teaching is that he can relate to all the things a golfer can and does go through in their development, having gone through them himself. He has the ability and gift to motivate them to push themselves to get better and work hard, even if they don’t want to or think that they need to. Jeff makes learning and fun entertaining. I ask my son when he comes home, was your lesson a good one today? He replies, thats a silly question dad, they are all good ones! However, I believe the most important thing from a parents point of view is Jeff teaches my son not only about golf but himself, others, and life. I truly appreciate this and I know when my son is older he will understand it even more and have a greater appreciation for it as well.

Bob Jaeger

Jeff worked with my daughter to develop clear goals and a concrete work plan and then provided the instruction, motivation and inspiration needed to execute the plan and achieve the goals.

Phil Sharpe