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The 2022 Golf Schools will take place July 2-3,  July 5 and July 6-7 at Semiahmoo Resort. View information and rates. Space is limited, sign up today! Call 360-201-4590.

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working on my own golf game and personally observing many of the most recognized instructors in the world – David Leabetter, Butch Harmon, Jim Hardy, John Redman, Brian Mogg, Bob Rotella, Dr. David Cook, Chuck Hogan, Debra Graham, Bill Meyer and others. No one has had more influence on my teaching and personal game than Mike Adams and Mike Bender. I would not be the teacher or player I have become without them. No doubt! Sure, I have learned invaluable things through my own failures, experiences and successes but these two opened up their treasure chest and have been sharing it with me for more than 25 years.

You and I have the unique opportunity to spend time with Mike Bender in a golf school setting.

Mike Bender is the 2009 National PGA Teacher of the Year and swing coach to former Masters Champion and Ryder Cup Member, Zach Johnson. He is also the swing coach to 5 time PGA Tour Winner, Jonathan Byrd. Mike Bender, as a swing technician, is second to none. His ability to break down each element of the swing and total game is mind blowing to me still.

The unique element of our schools is there are only 8-10 students in each one or two day session. You are engaged with two lead instructors, Bender and Coston. Each small, intimate session is tailored to meet your individual needs in a school setting. We spend each session covering the full swing, short game, the mental side of golf, and how to practice properly.

For more information call Jeff at 360-201-4590.

Read what others have to say about the Golf School Experience at the Jeff Coston Golf Academy

“Best golf instruction and experience of my life! Coach Coston and Bender are the best one,two punch in golf instruction!” – Eric Stendal

“Awesome experience!  Great balance of theory and practical!  I’ll be back!  Jeff and Mike are a dynamic teaching combo…” –  2016 Athlete

“I noticed a remarkable difference from the start and the end of the school!” – Bonny Gerson

“The Jeff Coston Golf Academy is well worth you time!  Coston and Bender’s experience is invaluable.  Not only do you learn proper mechanics; the individual attention is second to none!  This school is a great investment in your golf game.” –  Ty Sauve

“If you are serious about getting better, there is no better investment the to spend two days with Jeff Coston and Mike Bender, period!” – Howard

“This is my fourth year coming to the school, I learn something new every time!  See you next year.”  – 2016 Athlete

“My son was very excited about the teaching, and moreover that he could connect with each of you!” – Tiffany Schrader

“Amazing ability of both Jeff and Mike to analyze the swing and find the most effective and efficient approach to build a foundation.” – Alex Morrison

“Very worthwhile with personable and knowledgeable instruction. Jeff and Mike make a great team!” – Dan Maus

“I wish I could work with these guys everyday!” – Nick Hardy

“I have already attended several schools; each time I learn new ways to practice. I get a better understanding of what I need to do to reach my goals. Both Jeff and Mike are the best at coaching and explaining the concepts so everyone from beginners to top players can understand. Looking forward to next year.” – 2011 Attendee

“Mike and Jeff’s approach was clear, easy to understand and fun! I am certain what I learned will translate into continued growth in all areas of my game. I learned more in two days than an entire golf career…. great school!” – 2011 Attendee

“I have participated in the Mike Bender and Jeff Coston Golf Schools for a number of years.They are absolutely jam packed with all the ingredients one needs to become a better player. Mike is one of the top 10 instructors in the U.S.A and Jeff’s creditionals in the Pacific Northwest are legendary.There is not a shot that these instructors cannot perform and show you. It will give you unwaivering confidence when you are in a situation on the course knowing that you have the knowledge to hit the shot. It is indeed an incredible opportunity to spend a few days in a school.If you want to enjoy the game more, to be able to hit the shot when the heat is on, I cannot emphasize enough for you to participate.” – Byron Hall

“The Jeff Coston Golf Academy has helped to elevate my golf game by teaching not only the technical methods required to improve but also tailoring the drills necessary to make practice time meaningful. You will leave the golf school with a specific plan developed to improve all areas of the game. Anyone who listens to the instructions and applies the advice is sure to improve their golfing skills and lower their scores.A golf school with world class teachings from world class teachers.” – Mike Grove

“Recently, I brought 5 of my members to a golf school conducted by Jeff. The experience and results were unbelievable. All of the students left with a better understanding of their swing faults and how to correct them. One of the students was even named “The Most Improved Player” at our club. I would highly recommend Jeff to any golfer, regardless of skill level, interested in improving their golf game.” – Scott Leritz

“I recently attended the Mike Bender two-day golf school this past summer. The school is unique in that it allows each participant to identify parts of their game that need work and focuses on them intensely, but in a group setting. The group format, with video review, allows you to learn from other students in understanding the dynamics of the swing and their particular swing challenges. It is always helpful to have both Mike Bender and Jeff Coston looking at my swing and figuring out different ways to help me improve. I learned a lot from the school and appreciate the expertise of two of the most highly regarded golf professionals around.” – Kathryn Provazek

“Jeff Coston’s golf schools can completely elevate your game. Mike Bender and Mike Adams teach Major winners, and their teaching perfectly compliments Jeff’s. Each school I have attended has taken my game to a whole new level.” – James Hiester

“Attending numerous Golf Schools of Jeff Coston over the years in coordination with both Mike Bender and Mike Adams has given my golf game great perspective and depth. Mike Bender has provided me with a superior mechanical critique while Mike Adams alternatively helped the feel aspect of my golf, both vital to excelling in the game. Continuing to be at these schools is something I intend to keep in my future for a long time.” – Brittany Tallman