Jeff Coston Golf Academy
What Pros are Saying

What Pros are Saying


Mike Adams

I've taught side by side with Jeff. I've been amazed by his ability to diagnose the problem and communicate the cure.

Mike Adams - World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee 2016, 2016 PGA Teacher of the Year Golf Magazine Top 100, Golf Digest Top 50 Jeff Coston Golf Academy

Jeff is one of the very best instructors in America.

Mike Bender - Coach of Zach Johnson, 2007 Masters Champion, 2015 Open Champion, Golf Digest Top 10

Tom Lehman

Jeff Coston is one of the most talented golfers I've ever played with. Beyond that, he's one of the nicest guys I know.

Tom Lehman - 2010 Senior PGA Champion, 2006 Ryder Cup Captain, 1996 British Open Champion

The two outside resources I choose are Jeff Coston and Mike Bender.  Jeff Coston supplies daily instructional video tips with his voice on Twitter under @coston_jeff and Mike Bender supplies daily Instagram with instructional video tips: @mikebender.  I know most young pros are on social media and I wish I had a daily doses of short instructional video knowledge from experts right from the start of my career.  While books and magazine articles certainly still play a huge roll, it is the convenience of viewing a couple of tips per day that adds up to a lot of tried and true knowledge.  Both Jeff and Mike teach together at certain points of the year.  They are both award winning instructors on a major scale.  I particularly like them as they can give a master lesson with teaching aids and video, which they can share with their students.

With a traffic cone, they demonstrate how to take the club back with width and parallel to the feet.  With a wall, they demonstrate depth, which sets up an inside attack.  With a line on the ground perpendicular to the target line, they demonstrate how a squat slide leading the downswing can result in the bottom of the swing arc at the correct point in front of the ball.  They clearly show where the grip end should point at the target line when part way back when the shaft goes through the right bicep.  

The videos sometime show another way or drill of completing the same task.  They have a range from top players to people just starting to play with all ages and abilities.  I have found this to be part of my morning ritual.  Even as an older and established teacher, you have to be hungry and search out information.  I have had lots of success, not only teaching my members, but have had several players play at all levels in college and my high school teams have gone on to win Regional and State Championships.  I stick by their methods as I have seen golfers progress with their system for years. 

Pete Kelbel PGA Professional

As a former PGA Professional, I have competed against, played with and caddied for Jeff Coston. I can tell you hands down he out-works everyone both physically and mentally, constantly striving to be a little better each day, never settling for less than his best, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have watched Jeff hit balls for two hours before teaching for eight hours and then practicing for two more hours after. His passion to be the best is amazing. He is always seeking out and asking how he can be a better player and instructor. His power button is always on and the play button is always lit up.

I have spent a lot of time around talented teachers, very famous instructors. Jeff's passion and energy for teaching is second to none and the message he delivers has not wavered even as his career has" shall we say" seasoned. He is just as excited now as he was twenty years ago. I cannot say that about the other instructors I have worked with and for. His ability to deliver his message through the spoken, visual and kinesthetic is second to none.

Now to the most important, if you are fortunate enough to spend time with Jeff you will come away a better human being. Jeff has been an unbelievable influence and mentor in my life, I am a better husband, father and man from our time together. The day I asked Jeff for help with my game I unknowingly changed my life for the better FOREVER. Every visit, phone call or text leaves me energized and wanting more.

Ernie Happala former PGA Member

Like an aged southern whiskey, Jeff Coston's educational style is smooth and direct. Offering the edginess of a seasoned tour player, combined with the compassion of a loving father. Spending time with him as a friend or student is informative, inspirational and motivating.

John Kelley PGA Professional, John Kelly Golf

With a clear and direct approach to the eduction of the golf swing, combined with a personal understanding of the requirements to compete at the highest level, Jeff Coston's ability to inspire and motivate students of any level has been honed to perfection over the last 40 years.

John Kelley PGA Professional, John Kelly Golf

After attending multiple seminars with Jeff, his depth, knowledge and passion for the game allow him to communicate his message in ways that are easy to understand and will undoubtedly make you better.

Josh Fish PGA Professional

I’ve known Jeff for nearly 30 years as a player, teacher, and friend. I don’t think there is anyone who has a better understanding of the key ingredients needed to become successful in golf and life.

Bill Porter PGA Professional

I have been a student of Jeff’s for nearly a decade. And I honestly cannot imagine where I would be without his guidance and instruction. From my junior golf days to collegiate golf, and now pursuing a career in professional golf, Jeff has been a focal point in helping shape, improve my golf game and excel on the course. He has been a coach, role model, and mentor over the years, but most importantly he is my very good friend, offering advice, and always willing the listen. He is a person of integrity, compassion and honesty. I have been very fortunate to have him as a swing coach and for that I am thankful.

Renee Skidmore PGA Professional