Joel Grant

Joel Grant

In late August, 2012, my deteriorating golf game hit its low point in a two-day tournament where, over the course of 36 holes, I was unable to make a single really good swing. After the tournament I quit the game “forever”.

One of my golf buddies, not willing to allow his buddy to give it all up, urged me to contact Jeff Coston. I did, and that fall I began the journey with Jeff that has taken me to today, two years later, where I am consistently playing the best golf of my life.

I have seen Jeff work with many other students and I can tell that his coaching is highly personalized. What works for me is not necessarily what works for anyone else. Jeff has a jeweler’s eye for detail and can spot opportunities for improvement at the most discerning level. He then uses his (apparently) limitless enthusiasm and energy to search and search for exactly the right way to make sure each student understands what he or she must do and how to incorporate it into their game.

Unlike some of the volcanic-seeming swing coaches with TV shows, Jeff does not scold or berate his students. On the contrary, he is one of the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. It is counter-intuitive that someone as well-known and successful as Jeff Coston would be so kind, patient, and approachable but against all odds, that is exactly what he is.

I was playing like a 30 index two years ago, and my latest index is 10.1. I have no doubt that Jeff will help me get to my life-long goal of being a single digit index and if Jeff can help me, he can help anyone.

Joel Grant senior golfer March 21, 2017