Jeff Coston Golf Academy
As a Teacher

As a Teacher


2017 Pacific Northwest PGA Teacher of the Year

2019-2020 Golf Digest Best Teacher in Washington

I can honestly say I love golf. The sound of a properly struck iron shot. The feel of the clubhead moving through the freshly mowed turf. Striking a brand new ball, taking off on line, covering the flagstick. I love to watch the golf ball fly. To control my golf ball, shot after shot.

I remember as a kid when others were waterskiing in the heat of summer, I would be watching my golf ball fly. When the same kids were snow skiing I would be on the range watching my golf ball fly. Even now, at age 61, in the wind and pouring rain, you’ll find me on the range, watching my golf ball fly. My relentless passion and desire to control my golf ball has only increased during my 47-year journey of my pursuit of the game of golf.

I love to coach, mentor and teach. It is not what I do but who I am. I didn’t choose it, coaching chose me. The burning passion and tireless pursuit I possess in my own game I also possess in approaching yours. I know what it is like to want something deeply. I know you want it also. Better Golf! Gotta have it! I gotta have it for you!

I love people. Throughout my career in all my travels it is the people that make a place home. I have found in my journey in life and the pursuit of golf it is the relationships that move me. Seeing athletes at every level reach their goals in golf moves me. All of this moves me.

I am a man of goals, desires, dreams, strategies, pursuits and passions. People playing the golf of their dreams is my priority.

This is my passion, this moves me.

Jeff’s students include PGA Tour Players, LPGA Tour Players, NCAA Division I and II College Players from the US and Canada, State High School Boys and Girls Champions, State Junior Champions, PNGA Champions, Washington Amateur Champions and Oregon Amateur Champions.