Caitlin Maralack

I am a new student of Jeff Coston. My first lesson felt like talking to a sports psychologist about how to improve my confidence during golf tournaments. I have only been working with him for three coaching sessions now, but I already feel like a much improved golfer.

Jeff Coston is not a quick fix (emergency) coach, he is a coach who wants to take the time to teach the fundamental understanding of the golf swing and make the changes necessary to improve your game. His steps are going to take time to perfect and will require a lot of practice, but it is worth the effort if you’re in it for the long term improvement of your game.

My lessons with Coach Coz have been like no other lessons I have ever taken with any other golf coach. With Coach Coz I have more knowledge of the game and am aware of improved ways to practice. I have also seen my golf tournament game improve in this little time even though the changes have not fully set in yet. I cannot wait to keep seeing improvement in my game and mental approach by taking on the great advice from a great mentor. I am excited to eventually have found a coach who is easy to talk to and whom I feel comfortable with asking questions, and also being able to clearly understand what is being explained to me. Jeff Coston is a great person and coach and I am excited to keep working with him.

Caitlin Maralack high school golfer March 21, 2017