Jeff Coston Golf Academy
Online Video Lessons

Online Video Lessons

Many of the students who come to the Jeff Coston Golf Academy at Semiahmoo do not live nearby. Jeff coaches students from all over Whatcom County and King County, including Seattle, Bellingham and Mount Vernon. Also, Vancouver, BC and beyond! To facilitate continued access, he offers online internet and FaceTime lessons.

Internet lessons analyzed by Jeff Coston are $250 and can be set up using the V1 software application on any computer or smartphone. You can download the software from the V1 website ( or visit your smartphone App Store and download the V1 Golf App.

Please note: we cannot accept videos sent in any other format than through the V1 Software App. Please send 2 short clips with a 6 iron, one from down-the-line view (camera between waist and chest high, shot between target line and toe line) and front view (caddy view). Once you have submitted your video, please call Jeff at 360-201-4590 so he can accept your video into our system for analysis and take payment over the phone. Turnaround time is very  minimal.

Access your lessons on this website at “View My Lesson Now