What Athletes Are Saying

What Athletes Are Saying

I am a senior amateur golfer who despite owning a 10 handicap, had become very frustrated with my ball striking and specifically the lack of athleticism that I had always felt playing golf relative to other sports that I had competed in over the years. I had taken many lessons and practiced hard to attain that feeling of athleticism but I could never find it and never felt confident about my golf swing.

I committed to give it one more shot and contacted Jeff Coston. This has turned out to be the best thing I have ever done in seeking to improve my game.

While obviously a sensational player, Jeff continues his own quest to learn more and how to effectively teach and communicate to his students. We started with some fundamentals that were lacking and then came up with a plan to move forward. There was a minimum of clutter and complexity. There was just the right amount of video and every lesson was summarized and emailed to me which was invaluable for reviewing and accelerating the learning process.
Jeff works as hard on being an effective teacher as he does on his own golf game and I love that passion. Long game, short game, and the mental side of competing are all covered in the plan. I can see and feel my progress and it is dramatic… for the first time in my life I am hitting a draw!

The facility in Semiahmoo is very nice and allows for lessons in any weather conditions and at any time of the year. I can’t say enough about this remarkable teacher and how effective he is. He will truly get you on the right track regardless of whether you are an aspiring tour player or a passionate recreational participant.

Brian Murray

55 and my first tournament win (club champion)! Who said taking lessons doesn’t help! Much better ball-striking thanks to Jeff’s coaching.

Net Club Champion 2016

Jeff is a very talented and dedicated teacher who inspires his students to reach their potential. An emphasis on solid ball striking, the mental game, putting and the short game, and the simple yet effective drills he teaches were a revelation to me. I have taken lessons from many PGA teachers in Washington state, including one who had been named best teacher by the PNGA, but none were able to improve my game as quickly as Jeff. A talent and flair for teaching golf honed over many years and also insights gained by playing on the PGA Tour, Senior PGA tour, Web.com Tour and a winning record in tournaments gives him a unique perspective that only the top teachers in the world possess. Plus, Jeff is a really nice guy with a great sense of humor. If you really have the desire to improve your skills and enjoyment of the game, you must go see Jeff Coston!

Howard Lazzarini

I usually do not leave feedback, but what Jeff has done for my golf game is just unreal. I have been playing golf for a while and have had some lessons in the past. When Jeff first evaluated my swing, he said right from the start “We need to rebuild your swing.” What I like about Jeff is, first and foremost, he is genuinely concerned about you as a person and how he can help you accomplish your golf goals. He is easy to talk to, he talks to you with respect and he listens when you address your concerns to him. Another thing that I have not experienced in the past… Jeff gives you his undivided attention, he intently watches your swing and makes necessary adjustments. He also lets you know when you’re making great swings. When you do not, he helps you understand why something went wrong. I have to say that I am now hitting the ball in the fairway, my putting has improved and my overall approach to the game has changed. I look forward to improving my game even more, this is just the beginning. Jeff is not only a great instructor, he is an all-around great person who truly cares about helping you improve your golf game.

Ty Sauve

I met Jeff this past August when golf was frustrating for me and feeling like a chore that I had to do everyday. As I have taken lessons from Jeff over the last three months he has changed the whole way I approach my golf game. Golf has once again become a friend that I want to see everyday and it has become more fun. I really enjoy working with Jeff on my game and he has taught me so much. I have learned more on the mental side of golf in these past three months than I’ve ever known before. I now understand the fundamentals of my swing and this enables me to quickly identify the source of swing errors and correct them. Instead of fighting for answers this comes more naturally to me. Jeff has helped me regain my love of the game of golf. He has made golf more rewarding and has strengthened my mental game which helps me during the challenging times.

Aram Choi

8:30 a.m., 48 degrees, slight drizzle.

“Let’s start with putting” Jeff says. 10 stations, loser does 10 pushups per hole lost. Jeff reminds you he has already done 1000 pushups for fun before he left home. Before you start the contest must do 10 long putts to nowhere to get feel of green (which I hate). Then 50 putts on the gate trainer to learn stroke and break. Now we’re ready. This day is unusual. Jeff ends up doing 100 pushups (Yes!).

Now chipping. I like to chip low and run the ball to the hole. Another contest. What’s this? Jeff puts his golf bag between me and the hole. “Sand trap” he says. Ball forward in the stance, open the blade. After I finish my pushups we move to the MEGSA machine. This is truly girl versus machine. If Darth Vader played golf he would be a MEGSA. First, the insider attachment. You have to swing from the inside. Can’t go over the top, no matter what. Then the head bar, no more falling back. Next, the waist high hand bar. This forces your hand forward at impact. Now the cone on the back, no more quick inside takeaway. Mate to the cone, the leaning shaft controlling takeaway and path to impact. Finally, the death board, a 1 inch piece of plywood placed 2 club heads behind the ball. Now clear your mind and swing (Yeah right).

Amazingly, after 10 minutes of encouragement from Jeff and getting past the “I can’t”, I am hitting balls better than ever, thanks to Jeff and the torture chamber, the MEGSA.

Alex McMenamin high school golfer

At the beginning of my junior year, I knew I had to play well. Adults and fellow competitors had told me that if I wanted to play collegiate golf, I had to be at the top of my game and impress. I came into the season wanting and hoping to play my best. As I began the season, thoughts raced through my head. Will I get a scholarship? Will I make it to State? What will people think of me? I was all business.

This was my year, no time for fun only focus. One week in, I shot a 41 then a 44. What was wrong? I’d been doing everything right hadn’t I? How could this be happening? Then it hit me. What had Jeff been telling me all these years? All those things he said that I nodded my head in agreement, tried for a few rounds and gave up finally made sense. It took some of my worst play for me to play my best. I had to ask myself “what is a game worth playing”?

The answer was easy, it had been right in front of me the whole time. Jeff was shoving the answer in my face every month. He told me to play with joy and passion. I had to be free and not worry about any outcomes, but to focus on the process. I needed to let go of everything and approach this game with new eyes. I had to see it as a game and that no amount of stress or wishing would help me play any better. I had to play unburdened by any past or future event affecting my game. Jeff told me to play as if I were not attached to any outcome.

Once I fully understood what Jeff had taught me, I could now trust my game and commit to each and every shot. I was finally a patient golfer who didn’t care how I started or ended up. I was having fun again. This was all thanks to Jeff. I finished my season with 5 straight matches under par winning 6 overall and shooting a 71 at Districts to qualify for State. It was all so easy and I owe it all to the man with his name on the sign.

Joe Worley high school golfer

I am a new student of Jeff Coston. My first lesson felt like talking to a sports psychologist about how to improve my confidence during golf tournaments. I have only been working with him for three coaching sessions now, but I already feel like a much improved golfer.

Jeff Coston is not a quick fix (emergency) coach, he is a coach who wants to take the time to teach the fundamental understanding of the golf swing and make the changes necessary to improve your game. His steps are going to take time to perfect and will require a lot of practice, but it is worth the effort if you’re in it for the long term improvement of your game.

My lessons with Coach Coz have been like no other lessons I have ever taken with any other golf coach. With Coach Coz I have more knowledge of the game and am aware of improved ways to practice. I have also seen my golf tournament game improve in this little time even though the changes have not fully set in yet. I cannot wait to keep seeing improvement in my game and mental approach by taking on the great advice from a great mentor. I am excited to eventually have found a coach who is easy to talk to and whom I feel comfortable with asking questions, and also being able to clearly understand what is being explained to me. Jeff Coston is a great person and coach and I am excited to keep working with him.

Caitlin Maralack high school golfer

I first met Jeff during the summer before my freshman year in high school. I didn’t know much about the golf swing at the time, but immediately, Jeff taught me the key areas of path and impact. Utilizing innovative drills and unique methods of practice, he makes it easier to master these essential parts of the golf swing. Over the last four years, Jeff has given me a system that I can always fall back on and use to continually grow as a golfer. Through his lessons, I can now practice more efficiently and perform better during tournament situations.

Most importantly, Jeff has shaped the mental side of my golf game, an area that I had always struggled with. As a player himself, Jeff truly understands the difficulty of such a game, and works to make sure that I have fun while playing. After hours spent talking with him, I have come to enjoy the process of getting better rather than staying attached to an outcome. Jeff has been a great golf coach throughout my high school years, but ultimately, he has been a great friend.

Sid Raman high school golfer

In late August, 2012, my deteriorating golf game hit its low point in a two-day tournament where, over the course of 36 holes, I was unable to make a single really good swing. After the tournament I quit the game “forever”.

One of my golf buddies, not willing to allow his buddy to give it all up, urged me to contact Jeff Coston. I did, and that fall I began the journey with Jeff that has taken me to today, two years later, where I am consistently playing the best golf of my life.

I have seen Jeff work with many other students and I can tell that his coaching is highly personalized. What works for me is not necessarily what works for anyone else. Jeff has a jeweler’s eye for detail and can spot opportunities for improvement at the most discerning level. He then uses his (apparently) limitless enthusiasm and energy to search and search for exactly the right way to make sure each student understands what he or she must do and how to incorporate it into their game.

Unlike some of the volcanic-seeming swing coaches with TV shows, Jeff does not scold or berate his students. On the contrary, he is one of the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. It is counter-intuitive that someone as well-known and successful as Jeff Coston would be so kind, patient, and approachable but against all odds, that is exactly what he is.

I was playing like a 30 index two years ago, and my latest index is 10.1. I have no doubt that Jeff will help me get to my life-long goal of being a single digit index and if Jeff can help me, he can help anyone.

Joel Grant senior golfer