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What Athletes Are Saying

What Athletes Are Saying

What Athletes Are Saying

Jeff's passion for the game is infectious and inspiring. As an instructor, he's simplified my golf, swing and giving me the tools and knowledge to continually improve. More importantly, though, Jeff has been a coach and mentor who motivates me to work hard and believe in my game. He speaks from experience, and I always learn something and play better after our sessions together.

John D.

I have been working with Jeff for a few months through a combination of online training and visiting his golf academy in person.   Jeff has had a significant influence on me and my golf game in a short period of time.   Jeff is consistent and convicted in his views of the golf game and blends the mental and technical approach in a clear manner.    Jeff is a great communicator and is able to teach in a way that his messaging is clear and I have a clear vision on how to improve and the approach (drills) I need to get better.   Most importantly, his emphasis on mental approach separates him as a teacher. 

Jeff has been able to remove any doubt or uncertainty I have had with respect to the golf game and has made me a believer that I am an athlete and can continue to succeed at the game of golf on a competitive level.   

Brian Gallahue

Coston is an amazing teacher, but better person. I don’t believe there is anybody that rivals his golf acumen and commitment!  That commitment extends to all his students. He breaks down the game for your individual make up, maximizing your strengths. Coston has helped me tremendously in understanding the game and improving my skills, always pushing me to move on to the “next chapter!” I always appreciate his feedback and ability to speak to me in a way that resonates. He has a real talent in simplifying and connecting! 

Knowing and being associated with Jeff Coston is a badge of honor! He is first class, through and through! His passion for life and the game of golf is contagious!

Michael Ebert

Jeff is a longtime friend teaching golf to my father, brother, and I for some 20+ years. Over the last two seasons, when I picked golf back up after spending a number of years abroad, he has been my dedicated swing coach.

Jeff’s wisdom, passion and energy for the game are not only motivational but inspiring and uplifting to be around. His achievements and success with tournament golf have provided an invaluable source of insight into the psyche of tournament play and the way a player thinks their way around a golf course.

Jeff’s dedication and consistent support of my game was a major contributing factor to qualifying for and playing in the 119th US Women’s Amateur at Old Waverly Golf Club, MS and finishing T3 at the Canadian Women’s Mid-Amateur this past summer. 

He’s more than just a swing coach, he knows and understands intimately the physical, mental and emotional elements of the game - his experience and track record speaks for itself.


Just wanted to shoot you a note and say Thank You again. Things are definitely coming along, and the last two rounds I've played I made 8 birdies and 7 birdies each. I feel better and more in control of my ball than I have in a while. The hope is turning into confidence again and I couldn't be looking forward to this upcoming season more.

PNW PGA Professional

Jeff, thank you ever so much for this journey to finally begin to play golf. I am embracing the process and look forward to great things.

Steve G.

Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to get paired with Jeff and through the experience felt he could help me to improve my game. I began by scheduling a lesson and immediately into the first lesson realized that I was getting far more than just a swing mechanics lesson. In all the lessons you are getting swing mechanics, short game, stradegy, and the benefit of working with someone in Jeff who has played in the most competitive environments. In my opinion anybody who has the desire and willingness to improve will benefit from the experience and knowledge that Jeff Coston brings to his students.

Tim O’Neal

Jeff has helped me so much with my golf game! I have learned so much from him. He has helped me to be able to reach every one of my golf goals and many other goals I will have. I don’t think I would be as good of a golfer I am today if I wouldn’t have gone to him for golf lessons. I have learned so much about the golf swing and the mental side of golf from him as well. Which is very helpful. He is truly one of the best coaches I have ever had.

Audrey Orem

Jeff Coston teaches much more than how to swing the club; he teaches how to think, score, and become a complete golfer. Jeff really cares about his students, and I trust him entirely. Jeff took me from missing state to finishing seventh-place in one year.

James Hiester high school golfer

I have known Jeff since 1998. In that time he has been my golf instructor, teacher, coach, friend, mentor and biggest fan. Every time I have the opportunity to work or talk with Jeff, I know it is significant and special. From individual lessons to golf camps, Jeff provides a learning atmosphere where one can grow as a player, person and friend.

Lauren M. Ressler college golf coach

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