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MEGSA Equipment as featured at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Fl.

Top Touring professionals including multiple major winners use the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment; top instructors use MEGSA and if you want to find out how well you can play golf you should use MEGSA, too.

MEGSA is a specially designed and engineered set of equipment that guarantees perfect practice every time a golfer uses the equipment. It works by limiting the space in which the club and body can move, thus producing the desired swing mechanics. By allowing the golfer to make the correct movements, it only becomes a matter of repetition before he or she owns the Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable. It is a revolutionary development in golf instruction.

The MEGSA concept stems from the experience and teaching of Mike Bender. During his tour as a golf professional and in his two decades as a teacher, Mike realized that something was needed to assure swing changes could be made quickly and permanently.

MEGSA addresses two major golf challenges: the swing and the difficulty instructors face in teaching proper swing mechanics. A golfer’s swing is one of the most difficult and essential elements of the game. Practicing it properly can be a great challenge. Fifty percent of all new golfers cite frustration with their swing as the number one reason they quit within the first year.

Often, students are taught swing changes and then are left on their own to try and make the changes they’ve been taught. In most cases, instructors give very good direction but have a difficult time getting their students to physically change their swing mechanics. Championship golfer Greg Norman describes the issues with swing as “Feel is not real,” meaning, what a golfer feels he/she is doing and what he/she is actually doing usually differs. Often the difference is dramatic.

This discrepancy creates frustration in both new and experienced golfers. This dissatisfaction has many negative results, including fewer lessons, less practice time, beginners who quit the game altogether, fewer rounds played, and a general view of golf instruction and instructors that are less than desirable.

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MEGSA unit at the Jeff Coston Golf Academy.
MEGSA unit at the Jeff Coston Golf Academy.4