Mike Adams

Jeff Coston is the rare combination of a great player and a great teacher. To excel at one requires dedication, to excel at both requires the combination of talent, dedication and hard work. I have had the pleasure of teaching side by side with Jeff and have been amazed by his commitment to his students and his ability to diagnose the cause of the problem, communicate the cure and execute the drills neccessary to remedy the problem. Jeff has a deep compassion for each of his students and goes the extra mile to make them better. He teaches a holistic approach, encompassing all the facets of the game. He builds the foundation of a golf swing that will hold up under pressure, a short game that will keep them in the game and a course strategy that allows them to compete regardless of how they hit it. Jeff’s ability as a player separates him as a teacher. He has the knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a tournament player.

Mike Adams Golf Digest 50 Best Instructors in America, Golf Magazines 100 Best Teachers, Jeff Coston Golf School Partner March 21, 2017