Alex McMenamin

Alex McMenamin

8:30 a.m., 48 degrees, slight drizzle.

“Let’s start with putting” Jeff says. 10 stations, loser does 10 pushups per hole lost. Jeff reminds you he has already done 1000 pushups for fun before he left home. Before you start the contest must do 10 long putts to nowhere to get feel of green (which I hate). Then 50 putts on the gate trainer to learn stroke and break. Now we’re ready. This day is unusual. Jeff ends up doing 100 pushups (Yes!).

Now chipping. I like to chip low and run the ball to the hole. Another contest. What’s this? Jeff puts his golf bag between me and the hole. “Sand trap” he says. Ball forward in the stance, open the blade. After I finish my pushups we move to the MEGSA machine. This is truly girl versus machine. If Darth Vader played golf he would be a MEGSA. First, the insider attachment. You have to swing from the inside. Can’t go over the top, no matter what. Then the head bar, no more falling back. Next, the waist high hand bar. This forces your hand forward at impact. Now the cone on the back, no more quick inside takeaway. Mate to the cone, the leaning shaft controlling takeaway and path to impact. Finally, the death board, a 1 inch piece of plywood placed 2 club heads behind the ball. Now clear your mind and swing (Yeah right).

Amazingly, after 10 minutes of encouragement from Jeff and getting past the “I can’t”, I am hitting balls better than ever, thanks to Jeff and the torture chamber, the MEGSA.

Alex McMenamin high school golfer March 21, 2017