Jeff Coston Golf Academy
What Pros are Saying

What Pros are Saying


I have known Jeff for over 10 years as a friend, fellow competitor, and as a coach. Jeff has been instrumental in the development of my full swing, short game, and course management skills. Since working with him, I have won several professional events in the Northwest as well as qualified for 4 Nationwide Tour Events. I would highly recommend Jeff to any golfer, regardless of skill level, interested in improving their golf game.

Scott Leritz PGA Professional

Any person looking to improve their golf skills and overall knowledge of the game should spend time with Jeff Coston. Jeff’s tournament playing experience combined with his genuine love for making his students play at the top of their ability level makes him a truly unique coach. Working with Jeff for several years has changed everything that I believe in as a golfer and golf professional. Beyond that, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Chris Lisk PGA Professional

Whether you’ve just started to develop your golf game or you’ve played for years Jeff has a remarkable talent to adapt his teaching to the ability of the student. He has taught my three teenage daughters as well as myself and has helped us all improve our games. Jeff’s ability to communicate with any student separates him from other teachers.

Rob Gibbons PGA Professional

I have known Jeff Coston now for almost 10 years. He is one of the most passionate people I know who continues to challenge me in golf and my life. He is very skilled at preparing for a golf tournament, breaking down the golf course, and having a tremendous game plan to shoot low scores each day. He really has taught me how to score on the golf course. He has been an inspirational person in my golf career…I would not have made it on the LPGA tour without his knowledge and guidance!

Allison Hanna LPGA Tour Player, Future’s Tour Player

I’ve been lucky enough to spend alot of time with Jeff on and off the golf course. My game has changed dramatically under his guidance. He is so knowledgeable and what blows me away is his passion to continue learning. Above all he is an amazing person and he cares deeply about each person in his life. Jeff is truly one of my heroes in golf.

Zach Shriver Canadian Tour Player

As a thirty two year PGA Tour veteran I have seen many players as well as teachers come and go. Jeff Coston still remains both an exceptional player as well as a teacher. His constant thirst for knowledge of the golf game is an inspiration. There are very few teachers I would ask to take a look at me when I need help, but Jeff is on that short list. Over the years he has given me tips that have been very helpful. As a man, Jeff is very grounded in his faith and has always been a quiet inspiration to others. I cannot give a higher recommendation for someone wanting to improve there golf game than Jeff Coston. I am indeed fortunate to call Jeff my friend of many years.

Tim Simpson 4-Time PGA Champion, Member of Georgia Golf Hall of Fame

Jeff’s tour experience and teaching methods set him apart from other teaching pros, allowing him to instruct players from all abilities, including beginning juniors to advanced tour professionals. Jeff helped me elevate my game to the highest of levels, to achieve my goals of playing on the LPGA Tour. I consider Jeff a true mentor to the game of golf.

Jennifer Greggain LPGA Tour Divison Member, Future’s Tour Member, CN Canadian Tour Player

Jeff Coston is the rare combination of a great player and a great teacher. To excel at one requires dedication, to excel at both requires the combination of talent, dedication and hard work. I have had the pleasure of teaching side by side with Jeff and have been amazed by his commitment to his students and his ability to diagnose the cause of the problem, communicate the cure and execute the drills neccessary to remedy the problem. Jeff has a deep compassion for each of his students and goes the extra mile to make them better. He teaches a holistic approach, encompassing all the facets of the game. He builds the foundation of a golf swing that will hold up under pressure, a short game that will keep them in the game and a course strategy that allows them to compete regardless of how they hit it. Jeff’s ability as a player separates him as a teacher. He has the knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a tournament player.

Mike Adams Golf Digest 50 Best Instructors in America, Golf Magazines 100 Best Teachers, Jeff Coston Golf School Partner

Jeff’s rare experience of having played at the highest level, combined with exceptional communication and technical knowledge, make him one of the very best instructors in America. Teaching beginners to professionals, his ability to get players to score lower on the course is where he excels.

Mike Bender Golf Digest 10 Best Instructors in America, 2009 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Coach of Master’s Champion Zach Johnson, Jeff Coston Golf School Partner

I would recommend Jeff Coston to anyone at any level whether you are looking to break 80 or to go from 71 to 67. He will be able to break down the game in a way that anyone at any level can understand and learn from

Brian Jung Canadian PGA Pro