Jeff Coston Golf Academy
What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

My daughter has been a student of Jeff’s since 2008. Starting as a reluctant student, Jeff has brought Lana to a point where she truly enjoys the game, willingly practices and has gained enough confidence in her game to inspire her to compete in tournaments. Jeff has a way of bringing out the potential in a person to a point where they realize that they can sieze their dreams as long as they have passion to go along with it. Jeff has truly been an inspiration for Lana to the point now where she looks forward to her lessons with great anticipation.

Janice Gill

Our son has taken lessons from Jeff Coston for the last few years. It has been an amazing experience. Eric has grown into an outstanding golfer and young man. Jeff has a wonderful connection with his students, guiding them with their golf swing and also life choices. Jeff is just so steady and positive. We feel extremely fortunate to have Jeff Coston as Eric’s mentor and role model. Eric is continuing to play golf at the college level and continues to take lessons from Jeff.

Craig and Sally Hersman

Jeff has been a positive influence in my son’s life. He focuses not only on golf but school, physical and emotional health. He teaches his students that all areas of your life are important in order for you to do your best in golf. Jeff is always there for his students, as a teacher and a friend.

Sandra Lindsay

Jeff is more than a golf teacher, he is a coach, trainer and mentor (and sometimes sports psychologist) to all that he teaches. Our daughter has worked with Jeff for a while and he has taken her from a beginning golfer to a competitor. He teaches his students how to practice efficiently, and helps workout a strategic plan to help each student reach their goals in golf. We appreciate all Jeff Coston has done for our daughter, and would recommend his golf academy to anyone who wants to take their golf game to the next level.

Drew and Karen Orem

Jeff Coston is an amazing teacher. He focuses equally on the swing and on the elements of being a successful competitive golfer. My daughter and son have both taken lessons from him for the last 10 years. My son is on his college golf team and my daughter is being courted to play on a couple competitive college golf teams next year. If you believe in hard work and practice, Jeff’s system is proven because his own successes are a testament to hard work and a never ending quest to improve. He’s even helped me and my swing. And he’s funny, too.

Shaun Hughes

Jeff’s experience as a player has benefited my daughter in her quest to play as a mature professional tour player. His sound knowledge of the game and his technical expertise has equipped her for success as she pursues playing professionally.

Mr. Choi Father of Aram Choi