A Parent’s Perspective

A little over a year ago, my wife and I decided to find a new coach for our son Adam. Adam has been golfing since he was 6 years old and at age thirteen, he was frustrated about his golf game and was almost ready to quit.  He still loved the game but he felt he should have been much better than he was. His tournament play was not as good as it should have been compared to other 13 and 14 year old players. A friend gave me Jeff Coston’s contact information. After a quick email, we had set up his first lesson.

Now a year later, Adam’s desire to succeed in golf has once again returned. Thanks to Jeff’s understanding and approach to golf, Adam has learned how important a good attitude is, and as Jeff put it, not to be attached to outcome (NATO). Jeff’s knowledge of the golf swing and his own love of the game, have helped Adam stay calm on the course and visualize each and every shot. Jeff has rebuilt Adam’s swing into a much simpler action and he has shown Adam a very effective practice routine which helps him focus on key elements.

Along with his lessons we also enrolled Adam into Jeff’s Golf Academy in late July. This was a two-day golf clinic with Jeff and Mike Bender. Between classroom instruction and rotating one on one time on the range with both Mike and Jeff multiple times a day, Adam really improved in his understanding of the mechanics of golf. Today, Adam is determined to break par and is getting closer by the day. 

Update: Our club just released the document pkg for the upcoming AGM. They listed the most improved men’s and women’s golfers. Adam was the men’s, improving his handicap from 22.1 to 12.1 this year. Adam says thank you for the great coaching!