Principal Charity Classic
Principal Charity Classic

Principal Charity Classic

Boston. It is Tuesday June 9th. I’m watching game 3 of the NBA Finals. Exciting. Competing with all that is within each player. Reacting to a purpose, plan and target! The target; so important to react and focus on the target in golf also! Technique is important no question, but all under the umbrella of react, routine and target.

I’m second alternate at the Senior Player’s Championship. Now the waiting game.Sure would like to play!

Today I played with my friend and former babysitter for my children, Tom Lehman and Corey Pavin. We told stories and laughed much of the day. I played super. Laughter is good medicine!! I believe if all golfers were less intense and lighter hearted we would ALL play better.

Last week I played the Principal Classic in Des Moines, Iowa. I shot 67 the first day and was in the final group the second day, one shot back. I made a couple birdies early and had the lead for a minute or two. Fun. I shot 67-72-73 and finished 30th.

I’m enjoying playing the Champions Tour. It would be nice to post low numbers daily.

I will be home teaching the next few weeks and doing golf schools again with Mike Bender. If anyone wants to spend some time on any aspect of their game, give me a call.

Coston from Boston out for now!