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I am on the plane heading home after two weeks on the road playing two tournaments.

I had a 3am wake up call eastern time. I hopped in a car at 3:16, drove 125 miles to Louisville, Kentucky and caught a 7 am flight to Minnesota then to Seattle grab another car to head home to Blaine, Washington.

To be straight up honest, golf-wise, it was a disappointing couple of tournaments. Outside of golf, I saw many extraordinary things take place in my life and some folks I met.

The first tournament was the Regions Tradition at Shoel Creek in Birmingham, Alabama. Shoel Creek is a famous golf course that I have always wanted to play. I was not disappointed. Wonderful place. Southern people have always been so friendly!

I did a corporate outing for the tournament sponsor that went very well. I have created a good reputation for these outings and handling people in a positive manner so I’m being asked quite regularly to do special instruction and outings along the way.

I played the third round with Peter Jacobson. Peter has always been a great friend and an ambassador for golf. He was very encouraging and complimentary about my game. We both shot 72 that day. Peter has had so many surgeries over the years, he is now the bionic man!

I went form Birmingham to French Lick, Indiana, for the Senior PGA Championship. I’ve been low club professional in the country twice in this event. I missed the 36 hole cut. Ouch! Early exit.

Next week I have the Senior Washington Open. I have won that 7 times and finished second once. I’m ready for a great week. A quick fun note about Washington Senior Open; the year I finished second an amateur whom attended Seattle University when I did won the event. Good player. Anyway, he as did everyone at the university had a mad crush on this amazing beautiful girl, named Diane. Guess who married Diane. Me! So he wins the tourney, In the paper, they ask me about the tourney and him winning. I congratulate him fully, but say since he is an amateur he got the trophy; I got the money and I got the girl! Not sure if he had spoken to me since.

I’m grateful for this Champions Tour opportunity, but I will say I miss home and Semiahmoo. Thank you all for your interest and encouragement. We are in this together! I’m looking for some Extraordinary golf and finishes!

Coston out