Aram Choi

I met Jeff this past August when golf was frustrating for me and feeling like a chore that I had to do everyday. As I have taken lessons from Jeff over the last three months he has changed the whole way I approach my golf game. Golf has once again become a friend that I want to see everyday and it has become more fun. I really enjoy working with Jeff on my game and he has taught me so much. I have learned more on the mental side of golf in these past three months than I’ve ever known before. I now understand the fundamentals of my swing and this enables me to quickly identify the source of swing errors and correct them. Instead of fighting for answers this comes more naturally to me. Jeff has helped me regain my love of the game of golf. He has made golf more rewarding and has strengthened my mental game which helps me during the challenging times.

Aram Choi March 21, 2017