Bob Jaeger

Jeff has worked with my son for 5 years now,and has taken him from a raw but promising freshman in high school to a freshman in college with a scholarship to play the game he loves. What I like about Jeff’s teaching is that he can relate to all the things a golfer can and does go through in their development, having gone through them himself. He has the ability and gift to motivate them to push themselves to get better and work hard, even if they don’t want to or think that they need to. Jeff makes learning and fun entertaining. I ask my son when he comes home, was your lesson a good one today? He replies, thats a silly question dad, they are all good ones! However, I believe the most important thing from a parents point of view is Jeff teaches my son not only about golf but himself, others, and life. I truly appreciate this and I know when my son is older he will understand it even more and have a greater appreciation for it as well.

Bob Jaeger March 21, 2017