Alan Williams

As one who has returned to golf after a hiatus of many years, I have been pleasantly surprised by my interaction with instructor Jeff Coston. Not all experts have the insight or patience to teach their game to others. However, Jeff has an almost uncanny understanding of the requirements for a functional reproducible golf swing and can assess the student’s swing mechanics, good and bad, very quickly. He has a way of imparting his knowledge of the swing to the pupil that is easy to understand. His use of video allows the student to have a visual concept of what is good about his/her swing and the corrections that Jeff is espousing. He has creative teaching aids that help the student groove the swing using the key components necessary to strike the ball consistently and well. I have been pleased with my progress to date, although I have a long way to go to be considered a respectable golfer. I credit Jeff Coston for helping me work toward this goal.

Alan Williams senior golfer April 8, 2017