5 Questions with Michael Butler
5 Questions with Michael Butler

5 Questions with Michael Butler

Jeff Coston interviews Michael Butler.

Q 1) You play at Western Washington University. Nice. Is your game progressing? How? Why? What is happening?

Michael: Yes I do play at WWU. I feel like my game is progressing nicely because I am thinking more effectively on the golf course. I feel like with the help of Jeff I have been less attached to results and I am getting better at seeing my target and reacting to that target. This helps keep negative thoughts out of my head and frees me up! I also feel like I am practicing better with simple drills to make my practice more like the way I play.

Q 2) You just won Homestead Open! How did you feel coming down the stretch? How did you cope and finish the job?

Michael: I felt great coming down the stretch! It was a lot of fun and I just enjoyed seeing my target and letting It go. I focused more on trusting my swing and my game instead of thinking about results. I also realized that If I did what I am supposed to do and commit to my shots that the result would take care of itself.

Q 3) You have spent time with Jeff Coston. What has he said or done to enhance your golf?

Michael: Jeff has helped me a lot especially mentally. One of the biggest things that he has done is instilled confidence and trust in my game. I really like what he has told me about “playing with my eyes” which helps me play with my instincts rather than overthinking and getting in my way. Another major thing that has helped me and what we talk about a lot is knowing “who I am” which helps me enjoy myself out there because I know that regardless of the outcome I can be who I am and enjoy myself on the course.

Q 4) Are you having more fun? Explain.

Michael: I am having a lot of fun out of the golf course and feel more excited to get out to the course than I have in a while. I think the main reason why is because Jeff has helped free me up and not live and die by what I shoot. I also feel like I am learning a lot and growing which makes working with Jeff and golf a lot of fun. Jeff is incredibly passionate about golf and just being around someone who loves golf as much as he does makes me enjoy golf more!

Q 5) Give is 3 practical things you practice to be better for college golf.

Michael: Some of the technical things in my golf game that we have changed have been very beneficial as well. We have really focused on getting shallower and hitting draws that do not cross my line, to practice this I set up a pole that I have to swing under in my backswing. This has helped me because it helps eliminate the left side of the golf course. Another major thing we have worked on is my chipping and pitching and we noticed that I was taking the club straight back in a line rather than letting the club work back on an arc with my chest. Another practical thing I practice to be a better college golfer is practice more on the golf course, I now go out to a demanding driving hole and practice committing to shots. This helps me because I can go back to my practice and realize I can hit a demanding tee shot.