5 Questions with Kaitlyn Anderson
5 Questions with Kaitlyn Anderson

5 Questions with Kaitlyn Anderson

Jeff Cotton interviews Kaitlyn Anderson.

Q1) You cross the border and make effort to see Jeff Coston on your golf. Why?

Kaitlyn: I really like the way that Jeff explains things to me! He makes things clear by showing me, and then I do it! We watch my swing on videos so I can really see what I am doing and what I need to change so it helps me to improve faster!  He is also so supportive and really believes in me!

Having a coach that played on the PGA tour is amazing because he knows what it’s like to be at tournaments and how to be prepared and play strong mentally.

Q2) You are 10 years old. What are your goals? How are you going to achieve them? What motivates you?

Kaitlyn: My goal is to play in the LPGA! I want to qualify and play in an LPGA event when I am 14!  I practise almost every day! I set up “stations” to make sure that I am practising properly to get better! I set my goal last year to compete at the US Kids World Championships at Pinehurst in North Carolina and I reached that goal this year!

I just want to get better,  I love golf so much and love the sound when I got a great shot!

Q3) What are you mastering in your swing technique?

Kaitlyn: Right now I’m really working on sliding my hips! I used to fall back in to my swing so I am changing that! I’m also working on my putting a lot!

Q4) What is your “theme” as a golfer? How did you come up with that and why?

Kaitlyn: My theme is “Play Happy”. If you are not playing happy then you won’t be relaxed and you won’t hit the ball well!

Nancy Lopez has a video about playing happy that I have watched with Jeff… we decided that is how I wanted to always play!

It’s ok to get excited when you hit a great shot!

Q5) Give us 3 main things you have learned from Jeff Coston.

1) If you want to improve , you have to have purpose to your  practise! That means setting up a station so that you are doing the drills properly!

2) Making good contact with the ball- you have to hit the ground and make a divot!

3) How to have a great backswing and keeping the club shallow!