Coston  Shoots 62 to Win Senior Oregon Open!
Coston Shoots 62 to Win Senior Oregon Open!

Coston Shoots 62 to Win Senior Oregon Open!

Jeff Coston made 10 birdies and no bogeys the final round to post 68-70-62 to win his fifth Senior Oregon Open.

“I hit the ball well all week. The last round I just let the putter go like Steph Curry shooting foul shots! Less try, less time, less think. Just let it go freely. A game worth playing. Golf can be so much easier when we learn to overcome interference and let it go!”

Coston will play the Northwest Open, August 21-23 at Wine Valley.

Five Question with Jeff Coston

Interviewed by Molly Cooper, PNWPGA Tournament Director

Q1)      How does it feel to win your FIFTH Senior Oregon Open Invitational?

Coston:  I truly love to compete. I love to test myself and trust myself. I love to overcome interference and play in freedom. So that feels good. 62 feels good.

Q2)      Does this win feel any different than your last wins here?  And if so, why?

Coston:  This year has been a new challenge because of the Achilles surgery. The rehab was and is intense. A very high price! Especially for a guy who likes the challenge of staying young at least from the neck down. The Oregon Senior Open has been good as I’ve birdied the final hole twice to win. I’m grateful to play Wildhorse. It is fun and the greens are good!

Q3)      What is it about Wildhorse Resort that pairs well with your game?

Coston:  I like warm weather and eastern Washington. I have had some success on a few golf courses. I just do my game plan and golf course template on each course.

Q4)      Going into the final round, you had a one shot lead with many strong players close.  How did you prepare mentally for the final round?

Coston: That is a secret. That only my students know.

Q5)      Tell us about your 62 the final round.  You had ten birdies and no bogeys.

Coston:  I hit the ball well all week. Again, followed my swing template. I made some putts early on and created some nice momentum. Then I just trusted my eyes and got out of the way!

Golf is a game of responding well and creating images that lead to a mindset of what I want.  Golf is also creating a swing that is on the proper plane and matching the club face to that proper plane. Practice in each aspect of golf is to create images and shots to take to the tournament with you and trust, commit and let them out! That is “Extraordinary Golf!” It has taken me a lifetime to figure it out! I’m still re-learning to often. It is a blast to help others do this!