5 Questions with Brian Jung
5 Questions with Brian Jung

5 Questions with Brian Jung


Jeff Coston interviews Canadian PGA Pro Brian Jung.

Q1) You played division 1 college golf at Oregon State University, a very fine college career. Now you have turned professional. Have any aspects of your game improved since college? If so, what; how and why?

Brian: “Yes. The mental side of my game improved the most since I turned professional. It all started when I went to see Jeff Coston for the first time. Everytime I go see him, we would spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about the previous golf tournament.”

“I used to go to a golf tournament having high expectations and goals which made me anxious and nervous. But I learned that I cannot block these feelings or thoughts. The only way to overcome those interference was by telling the truth:

  • I have a great golf swing. I can start the ball somewhere and curve it. Depending on my game on that day, I can make that range bigger or smaller.
  • I have great speed on the green. I see and visualize the line and I simply react.
  • No hole, shot, or putt is more important than what I practice.”

“Knowing those truth, I am much freer on the course and golf is much simpler. I can just enjoy my time out there which translates to better mental game.”

coston-brian-jung-2-cropQ2) You are going to qualify for the Asian Tour and the Canadian Tour.  Give us 3 things you are taking with you to succeed in these tours.

Brian: “I am going to take those 3 things that I mentioned in the first question. I am going to enjoy the journey know that it is just a game of golf. I have nothing to lose, prove or protect. Often times, players put too much pressure or expectations on themselves which hinders them from performing at there best.”

Q3) What are you and Jeff Coston doing to enhance the technique of your swing and ball striking?

Brian: “We have been working on getting more depth on my backswing and shallowing out my downswing. When I first saw Jeff, I had no depth on my backswing meaning that I had very little hip turn with steep shaft plane. Then I was coming down very steep into the ball causing inconsistency in my ball striking.”

“We both know that the impact position is one of the most crucial keys to great ball striking so we have been focusing on controlling the club face better with shallower plane.”

Q4) What have you and Coston done to enhance your overall game?

Brian: “We play games when we get together. One day, we were on the course hitting different shots. Whoever hit better shots got to watch the other guy do some push-ups which was a lot of fun!”

“We talk a lot about mental side of the game. Jeff is able to relate to what I go through at golf tournaments because he has been there.”

“We make sure we are able to bring what we do in practice onto the course. For example, we work on a starting line and curving the ball to an end point so when we get on the course, we can fully trust our ability. No wishing or hoping!”

Q5) Give us  a few reasons why you trust Jeff Coston with your golf career.

Brian:  “The biggest reason why I trust Jeff is because of his impressive playing career and his expertise in what he teaches. It’s one thing to tell students to swing a club in a certain way but it’s another to truly understand how the golf club should move around your body and be able to explain to students.”

“He genuinely cares about his students. He is very honest with giving feedback and he enjoys seeing success of his students. He knows how cruel golf can be. So he tells his students to allow themselves to enjoy the game and have fun. Since I started seeing him, I regained my love for the game of golf.”

“I would recommend Jeff Coston to anyone at any level whether you are looking to break 80 or to go from 71 to 67. He will be able to break down the game in a way that anyone at any level can understand and learn from.”