5 Questions with Kenny Perry
5 Questions with Kenny Perry

5 Questions with Kenny Perry


Jeff Coston interviews Kenny Perry, PGA Tour and Champions Tour player.

Q 1) You have had an amazing golf career. 14 PGA Tour wins, 8 Champions Tour wins (and counting) Ryder Cup; did you ever think as a high school or college player your career would flourish to this degree? What catapulted you to this level?

Kenny: Never, I had an average college career. Turned pro out of college with just a DREAM. I told my dad at age 7 all I wanted to do is play the tour. I think what got me over the hump was a great support group (God and family) and a never-give-up attitude.

Q 2) What events in your career have been personal high points?

Kenny: Any of it, just being able to make the tour was a highlight. I’m from a small town in Kentucky and learned how to play on a nine hole course. I think it was a miracle to be able to keep my card for 28 straight years without losing it. I would say my greatest highlight was winning my singles match over Henrich Stinson 3/2 in the Ryder cup in KY and my dad greeting me with open arms – what a special moment for a farther and son.

Q 3) What would you tell tournament golfers they need to acquire to play the golf of their dreams?

Kenny: Confidence. The ability to accept bad shots and focus on the next. Not Afraid To Fail. I played almost 700 tour events and only won 14. Golf is about how you handle the downs, not the ups.

Q 4) You have a close family, friends and marriage. What are the keys to great relationships and life long friends?

Kenny: I had great parents who taught me importance of family. I have 3 kids, 5 grandkids and another on the way. The joy they bring Sandy and I is truly a blessing from God. Sandy and I have been married 33 yrs and she still is the love of my life. I think it’s simple why you have great relationships and friends. It’s LOVE.

Q 5) How would you describe yourself in 5 words or less?

Kenny: A GOD fearing man.

Bonus question! You and Coston have known each other for many years. Jeff has huge respect for you across the board. Do you have a Coston thought, memory or story that comes to mind?

Kenny: Jeff and I go way back. Early 80’s mini tours and I always respected him. He was a great golfer but a better man. In Boston last year we were paired 3rd round and he double first hole and instead of it being a negative he was determined to be positive. ATTITUDE is everything in golf. Love that from him. He’s always got a smile on his face and I love our conversations. He’s a great friend