Will Tindle Wins His First Tournament
Will Tindle Wins His First Tournament

Will Tindle Wins His First Tournament

Will Tindle
Will Tindle

Will Tindle, 14 years old, won his fist golf tournament on May 8, 2016. Jeff interviews his student in five questions.

1. You just won your first tournament, what did you do well today?

Will: I Stuck to my routine and was target focused the whole day. I also played smart golf coming in.

2. You began the day a shot back, what was your mindset?

Will: Put pressure on the leader by hitting fairways and greens. Play steady golf.

3. What are the 3 biggest differences in you as a tournament player compared to last year?

Will: I make better sounds, roll my ball letting the hole get in the way, and swing freely without fear.

4. How long have you been coming to Jeff Coston for coaching? How has he helped you?

Will: I have been seeing Jeff for a little over a year and he has really helped me with my mental game, course management, and swing mechanics. I now play with more confidence and have trust in my game. I am more aware of my swing. When I hit a good shot, I know what I’m doing right. When I hit a poor shot, I’m aware of what I need to do differently.

5. How are you better for this experience today?

Will: I proved to myself that I have the ability to play under pressure.

Congratulations, Wil!