5 Questions with Burly Hildreth, 12-Year-Old Golf Genius


  1. What do you like most about golf and being a golfer?

Burly’s Response I like that golf is a very competitive and challenging sport. I also love the feeling of hitting a perfect golf shot and winning.

  1. You are 12 years old and just shot 70 to win a golf tournament. What are the strengths of your game?

Burly’s ResponseMy favorite shots to play (strengths) are my “baby draw” drives, short chips and making medium length putts.

  1. Were you nervous coming down the stretch?

Burly’s ResponseNo, because I didn’t know anyone else’s score.

And how did you finish so strong?

Burly’s ResponseI just tried to make the best golf shot I could – one shot at a time.

  1. How often do you practice?

Burly’s ResponseEvery day I can. My mom won’t let me practice when it’s raining hard or when I have a piano lesson.

And who is your favorite golfer?

Burly’s ResponseRicky Fowler because he is not afraid to go for it and he makes clutch shots.

  1. You travel from Orcas Island to Blaine to see Coston. Why?

Burly’s ResponseJeff knows what it takes to be on tour and win.  He is an amazing coach and has helped improve every part of my game.  He is also fun and I like to bet him “push-ups” for whoever makes the better golf shot.

What types of things are you and Jeff working on?

Burly’s ResponseSwinging harder – “more smoke”, visualizing all shots, best type of chip for the hole position, putting speed, 20/20 swing plane, thumping the turf at impact, and turning knuckles down through the ball.