15 Questions with Northwest Golfing Legend Jeff Coston

by Melissa Natwick, Golf Today Northwest

photo by Centioli Photography
photo by Centioli Photography

Q: Is it true you decided you wanted to dedicate your life to golf when you saw Jack Nicklaus tee off at Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore in the Greater Seattle Open in 1965 when you were 10 years old?

A: Yes, that was a real springboard for me. I had become interested in golf because kids in my neighborhood played a lot of sports and started playing golf. Twenty years later, I played with Nicklaus in the final round of the Honda Classic. It was my third professional tournament. I shot 71 and he shot 73

Q: Was 14-year-old Phil Mickelson really the standard bearer for your threesome at the 1985 Buick Invitational when you played a round with Steve Pate and Chris Perry?

A: He was. He still remembers me, and every time we see each other he calls me “Mr. Coston.”

Q: You have operated the Jeff Coston Golf Academy in Blaine near the Canadian border for more than 20 years. What is the farthest someone has come for once-a-week lessons from you?

A: About 50 percent of the people I worked with came from Seattle or farther. One pro playing in Spain used to come home and see me four times a year. I’ve had pros from the Portland area drive up for a series of lessons.

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