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I have played in two more Champion Tour events since our last article. Tucson and Gulfport, Mississippi. Great people, great weather, great golf! In Tucson I shot 71-73-73 and Mississippi 73-73-73. Wow 73 seemed to be the number! I wish it was 67. I’d even take 69. Believe it or not, there is not much difference on tour between those numbers. A pitch here, a made 6 footer there can create a mindset or momentum that gets you off to the races. Patience and responding well to adversity again have been the pill I am swallowing. Golf sometimes shadows life.

Tucson, Arizona is a beautiful place. The mountains that surround the city are breath taking. The Tucson National golf course is wonderful also. I stayed with some friends of mine who are members at Semiahmoo which made the week all the more enjoyable. Thanks Donald and Susan!

I flew from Tucson to Gulfport, Mississippi. Definitely the South, and I love it. The people are so nice and I love that accent! Many fun and interesting happenings in Mississippi. The host hotel is a casino on the Gulf thus Gulfport, Mississippi. I’ve never pulled a slot machine or done anything in a casino in my life! Truly. Ask my friends. So I’m a rookie in a casino. Rodger Chapman from England and I were on the plane together. He said he had a car to the hotel and I should hop in with him. A serious Limo.


We go to the hotel/casino to VIP check in. Both our rooms are comped, overlooking the Gulf. Sweet. I still have not played a game in a casino. Good food though.

I went to the golf course the next day. The course is called Fallen Oak. A serious wonderful golf course. By the way Steve Winn owns the hotel and golf course. Anyway, I went to the workout trailer to stay young from the neck down, because I’m shaving my Grandpa when I look in the mirror. That is where I met Angel Jimiez for the first time. We worked out daily and were showing each other exercises we had learned over the years.


Nice guy and he works out hard. I was impressed!

Saturday after the round I was hitting shots on the range and Lee Jansen walk up. Lee and I both work with Mike Bender on our games. Lee won in Naples this year and has won two U.S. Opens. He said “Jeff, you hit it as well and are in as good shape as anyone out here. Just get comfortable and know you can do it!! And then walked away.

Tom Lehman is a good friend of mine for many years. He and Melissa use to babysit my children. Diane and I stayed with them in Phoenix earlier this year. We went to dinner Saturday night with his partner in golf course design. A gentleman named Chris Banks out of Portland. A smart man. I learned much about courses that night. Anyway, I did not know dinner was at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. First time i’d been there. Their budget is at a different level than mine. Great steak, most expensive dinner of my life. I’d better get off 73 to eat there again. Tom finished 2nd in Gulfport. I guess he is going back to see Ruth again soon.

i’m home teaching the next two weeks. I will be pitching, putting, hitting wedges and bunker shots. i will be hitting many drives and setting my mind on low scores. One more thing for all of us; let’s continue to have fun and enjoy each step on the golf course. That will help produce low scores.

Jeff Coston a 20 Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame. He is now a Champion Tour Member. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling the amazing Semiahmoo Resort at 360-201-4590.