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Friday I tee it up on this tour for the third week in a row. I’m definitely feeling comfortable and like I am able. That was my purpose in going to the qualifying tournament last November; to truly see in my heart where I am as a golfer. I’ve spent many years as a player and coach, I’m always evaluating where I stand in both. That’s one reason I teach with great teachers and watch great teachers, coach. Same holds true as a golfer.

As I spent time out here I’ve thought, “how have I improved and grown in my real job?” The teacher/coach. I’m always pro-active there also. Coaching also is my passion.

I have done clinics each week for a minimum of 4 people. I’ve taught 4-8 individual lessons on this journey each event. I have enjoyed observing or being a part of clinics put on by Joey Sindular, Bobby Clampett, Andy Bean and Joe Daly.

I have discussed the “art of putting” and putted with Loren Roberts, David Frost and Ronnie Black. (Breakthrough Stuff!) I have spoken and mainly listened to Bernhard Langer and David Frost on “how to mentally play to your ability to win golf tournaments. Talked with Tom Lehman, Keith Clearwater and Bobby Cllampett about impact and the golf swing. I have done club repair with Mark Brooks and the guys in the traveling repair trailer. I have been able to spend significant time with Mike Eggleg and Hopkins wedges about proper wedge bounce and grinding .

It has also been my pleasure to expand my workouts to “leap tall buildings at a single bound”;working out with: Lee Jansen, Fred Funk, Brad Faxon, Mike Goodes and David Frost. I’d like to thank and punch the trainer Kent Biggerstaff for expanding my experience and knowledge to share with my students also.

All this to say; I’m still growing, learning and sharing great things from great people to great people. Golf, our privilege and passion!

Coston out