Compression Board for a More Consistent Swing

A solid struck golf shot sounds good, feels good and even smells good. People come to me and they want to “be more consistent.” I show students the proper path, plane and sequence of all involved. Through the years I found an effective way to improve solid contact and even impact. You can call it a compression board if you will. (1st photo) This is a sample piece of cut out plywood. This “compression board” forces and gives golfers feedback to where their club enters the turf. I usually paint a line, put a ball on a tee and want my students to strike in front of, not behind, the line missing the board. (1st and 2nd photo) One must LEAD with the grip/hands and right elbow to and beyond the ball to create this compressed strike.

If the player strikes the board first (3rd photo) and or hits the ball fat; the club is releasing early and the hands and grip are slowing down toward the ball. This exercise is very effective in solid striking!

Note: The hands should be well ahead of the clubhead and ball at impact.