Ty Sauve

I usually do not leave feedback, but what Jeff has done for my golf game is just unreal. I have been playing golf for a while and have had some lessons in the past. When Jeff first evaluated my swing, he said right from the start “We need to rebuild your swing.” What I like about Jeff is, first and foremost, he is genuinely concerned about you as a person and how he can help you accomplish your golf goals. He is easy to talk to, he talks to you with respect and he listens when you address your concerns to him. Another thing that I have not experienced in the past… Jeff gives you his undivided attention, he intently watches your swing and makes necessary adjustments. He also lets you know when you’re making great swings. When you do not, he helps you understand why something went wrong. I have to say that I am now hitting the ball in the fairway, my putting has improved and my overall approach to the game has changed. I look forward to improving my game even more, this is just the beginning. Jeff is not only a great instructor, he is an all-around great person who truly cares about helping you improve your golf game.

Ty Sauve March 21, 2017