What Athletes Are Saying

What Athletes Are Saying

I have taken lessons from Jeff Coston for the last two years. During these two years, Jeff has managed to not only better my golf swing, but my mental game as well. Jeff has devoted countless hours to improving my game and helping me to understand all aspects of the game, as well as all aspects of life. If I hadn’t made the decision to start taking lessons from Jeff, I would not be the golfer or person that I am today.

Jarrett Foote Junior Champion and College Player

As one who has returned to golf after a hiatus of many years, I have been pleasantly surprised by my interaction with instructor Jeff Coston. Not all experts have the insight or patience to teach their game to others. However, Jeff has an almost uncanny understanding of the requirements for a functional reproducible golf swing and can assess the student’s swing mechanics, good and bad, very quickly. He has a way of imparting his knowledge of the swing to the pupil that is easy to understand. His use of video allows the student to have a visual concept of what is good about his/her swing and the corrections that Jeff is espousing. He has creative teaching aids that help the student groove the swing using the key components necessary to strike the ball consistently and well. I have been pleased with my progress to date, although I have a long way to go to be considered a respectable golfer. I credit Jeff Coston for helping me work toward this goal.

Alan Williams senior golfer

During the past seven years of receiving instruction from Jeff Coston at the Jeff Coston Golf Academy, I am convinced that there is no one in this region better qualified for advancing golfers both young and old of all skill levels. His genuine ambition for improving students to be all they can be on and off the course is what separates him as a coach rather than a mere instructor. Being a high caliber player himself, Jeff is able to assess players’ games further than their swing mechanics, which is what I believe to be his most unique and vital asset. Calling on his insights and concepts from playing lessons have led me to winning two High School State Championships, top finishes at the national level, and currently competing collegiately at the University of Washington. But beyond the ability to teach golf, I have personally gotten to know Jeff as one of the most sincere, fun loving and caring people in my life. For these reasons I will continue to see Jeff as my coach and watch my game progress to its full potential.

Brittany Tallman

I have known Jeff since 1998. In that time he has been my golf instructor, teacher, coach, friend, mentor and biggest fan. Every time I have the opportunity to work or talk with Jeff, I know it is significant and special. From individual lessons to golf camps, Jeff provides a learning atmosphere where one can grow as a player, person and friend.

Lauren M. Ressler college golf coach

Jeff Coston teaches much more than how to swing the club; he teaches how to think, score, and become a complete golfer. Jeff really cares about his students, and I trust him entirely. Jeff took me from missing state to finishing seventh-place in one year.

James Hiester high school golfer

Jeff has helped me so much with my golf game! I have learned so much from him. He has helped me to be able to reach every one of my golf goals and many other goals I will have. I don’t think I would be as good of a golfer I am today if I wouldn’t have gone to him for golf lessons. I have learned so much about the golf swing and the mental side of golf from him as well. Which is very helpful. He is truly one of the best coaches I have ever had.

Audrey Orem

Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to get paired with Jeff and through the experience felt he could help me to improve my game. I began by scheduling a lesson and immediately into the first lesson realized that I was getting far more than just a swing mechanics lesson. In all the lessons you are getting swing mechanics, short game, stradegy, and the benefit of working with someone in Jeff who has played in the most competitive environments. In my opinion anybody who has the desire and willingness to improve will benefit from the experience and knowledge that Jeff Coston brings to his students.

Tim O’Neal

Jeff, thank you ever so much for this journey to finally begin to play golf. I am embracing the process and look forward to great things.

Steve G.